Preventative Maintenance Programs

pbs is a leader in establishing cost effective programs for scheduled maintenance.† Developing maintenance schedules, and performing scheduled work on a timely basis has several benefits:


Scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) keeps equipment in peak operating condition and can eliminate costly emergency repairs.


Preventative Maintenance is easily scheduled during your slowest sales period to avoid any inconvenience.


Product quality and taste is generally subject to the condition of the equipment.† Cleaning and sanitizing equipment preserves the quality and taste.


Preventative Maintenance eliminates health and safety concerns.


Well maintained equipment last longer, performs better, costs less money overall to maintain.† The equipment holds itís value longer.† The right Preventative Maintenance program doesnít cost money, it saves and makes money.


For a no cost, no obligation survey of your current equipment to determine the benefits of a PM program for your business, e-mail us.

Preventative Maintenance



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